Hampton Dene Primary School Church Road, Hereford, HR1 1RT Tel: 01432 273232 Email: admin@hamptondene.hereford.sch.uk
Hampton Dene Primary SchoolChurch Road, Hereford, HR1 1RTTel: 01432 273232Email: admin@hamptondene.hereford.sch.uk 

Teaching & Learning

Education is the purpose of our school. We offer a curriculum that is broad and balanced and meets the requirements of the Education Reform Act relating to Religious Education, Collective Worship and
The National Curriculum.


Our Teaching and Learning policy lays the foundations for the whole curriculum, both formal and informal and, along with our Mission Statement and Aims, forms the context in which all other policy statements should be read. It is written for the benefit of all members of the school community to ensure that all are aware of the fundamental principles underpinning the work of the school.


Aims and Principles:


Our aims for teaching and learning are that all children will:


  • Achieve their potential in terms of spiritual awareness, academic achievement and aesthetic appreciation.
  • Be tolerant and understanding with respect for the rights, views and property of others.
  • Develop a responsible and independent attitude towards work and towards their roles in society.


We see teaching and learning as a process of co-operative team work and welcome and encourage the involvement of parents and others in the community.




We believe that effective learning takes place when:


  • Pupils feel valued as individuals and are actively involved in the learning process.
  • Classroom relationships are built on mutual tolerance and respect.
  • Pupils are encouraged by their teachers and are given opportunities to enjoy a genuine sense of achievement.
  • There is a common awareness that high standards of self-discipline and order are expected.
  • The environment in which pupils and teachers are working is stimulating, comfortable and safe.
  • Lessons are well prepared with tasks and resources appropriate to pupils learning needs.
  • Teachers are respected.



All members of Hampton Dene’s Community (teaching and non-teaching staff, parents, pupils, governors and visitors) are expected to work towards the school’s aims by:


  • Valuing children as individuals and respecting their right to education in a caring, secure environment.
  • Fostering and promoting good relationships and a sense of belonging to the school community.
  • Providing a well ordered environment in which all are fully aware of behavioural expectations.
  • Offering equal opportunities in all aspects of school life.
  • Encouraging, praising and positively reinforcing good relationships, behaviour and work.
  • Working as a team, supporting and encouraging one another.


Teachers work towards the school’s aims by:


  • Providing a stimulating programme of study, ensuring that the teaching styles, resources and tools pupils encounter are varied and challenging, offering opportunities for the highest standards of personal achievement by pupils across the ability range.
  • Providing lessons that are thoroughly prepared structured and paced to make effective use of the time available.
  • Ensuring, through assessment, monitoring and accurate record keeping, that learning is progressive and continuous.
  • Ensuring that pupils have a clear and common understanding of the high expectations held of them individually, according to their ability and aptitude and the targets to which they are working.
  • Giving pupils opportunities to review and reflect upon their progress and, where possible, to involve them in planning the next steps in their learning.
  • Maintaining an up to date knowledge of the curriculum they are delivering.
  • Establishing links with the local community and other schools to prepare pupils for the next steps in their education.
  • Communication with parents and keeping them informed of children’s progress, topics to be studies and curriculum developments.


Pupils work towards the school’s aims by:


  • Respecting themselves and each other as members of the school community.
  • Respecting and co-operating with each other in the classroom and playground.
  • Respecting school equipment, supplies and furniture.
  • Being positive and encouraging to other pupils.
  • Being kind and respectful towards all staff and visitors.
  • Respecting other pupils’ school materials and personal property.
  • Using appropriate language.
  • Attending school regularly.
  • Being punctual and ready to begin lessons on time.
  • Being organised bringing necessary kit, taking letters home promptly, returning reading books regularly.
  • Making full use of all the opportunities with which they are presented.


Parents work towards the school’s aims by:


  • Ensuring that their children attend school in good health, regularly and punctually.
  • Ensuring that children arrive at school with the correct uniform and equipment.
  • Providing support for discipline within the school and the teacher’s role.
  • Being realistic about their children’s abilities and offering encouragement and praise.
  • Participating in discussions concerning their child’s progress and attainments.
  • Giving due importance to homework, hearing reading, and assisting in learning of tables and spellings.
  • Allowing their children to take increasing responsibility as they progress through the school.
  • Where time allows using their own talents in developing the school community by assisting in class, supporting our PTA at functions and supporting other school initiatives.
  • Keeping the staff informed of any changes in the child’s circumstances which may affect their learning.

Mrs Elizabeth Kearns

Head Teacher

Hampton Dene Primary School
Church Road
Hereford HR1 1RT


Tel: (01432) 273232
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